Wiring Upgrades

Upgrade the old wiring inside your house, from in the wall to exposed wiring that imposes danger on you and your family. If you open up a wall, by code you should update the wiring inside of it to accommodate for today’s electrical needs and ability to add to what is existing. If there is a pipe that is rusty, broken or not being used, we can repair or replace the pipe and install the correct wires to what the pipe is serving. With today’s electronics and household devices that require more amperage, upgrading the size of wire and installing dedicated circuits in the house will help them run the way they were meant to, without overloading the circuit and tripping the breaker. Often in houses with older wiring and circuits, if you have your toaster on and use the microwave, or the vacuum plugged in with some lights on, the circuit breaker will trip. Old wiring does not provide the fire and shock protection that will be consistent with upgrading to new wiring. Another problem with old wiring is the use of the 2 prong receptacle outlets (ungrounded). We can upgrade all your outlets in your house to new 3 prong (grounded) outlets and also install GFCI receptacle protection in the kitchen, bathroom, garage and basement.

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