Service Upgrades

Upgrade your old fuse box or small electrical panel to new and improved electrical panels and equipment. The old fuses found in your older homes are dangerous and may not protect you and your family when an overload or problem may happen. Most of the older homes also have a 60 Amp capacity due to the size of pipe and wire that was used at time of build. 60 Amp services may have worked when the house was built, but now, with the new electronics and equipment, an upgraded service may be needed to accommodate your expansion of power use. 100 Amp service is the minimum for a house that is being sold or bought, so if yours is 60 Amp, it may come up with the home inspection to be changed out. A typical 60 Amp service upgrade is to 100 Amps, installing a new 100 Amp meter socket located outside, correctly sized pipe and wire, an appropriate sized circuit breaker panel and grounding means to the water main and ground rods. During the upgrade, we can separate any circuits that may be illegally wired, check and install correct wire sizes for the circuit size, or add any additional circuits needed. We install all electrical components up to current state and NEC codes. Upgrades can be increased to 150 and 200 Amp for residential applications, depending on customer preference and room for expansion.

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