Do your gutters and roof look like these?

Gutter Heat

If your roof line and gutters look similar to this in our cold winters, there may be a conflict in your attic with the amount of insulation and air circulation, letting the heat out of your house, melting snow and ice high on the roof and then freezing below it, causing ice damming and dangerous icicles. Ice dams cause water from melting snow to puddle and be diverted under shingles and into the home, causing damage to your shingles, rafters and possibly leading down to drywall and window sills. The installing of heat cables on the roof, gutters and downspout emit heat to melt ice and snow to give water a path to flow down to the ground where it is less dangerous to you and your house.

We specialize in the installation of Gutter Heating Cables. The heating cables are installed up/down downspouts, in gutters, triangles about 3’ above roof edge, up/down valleys and around problematic areas where ice dams and buildups occur. The units run on 120 Volts and also require a GFI receptacle located outside within 6’ of the downspout. The cables can be controlled by an automatic thermostat or a lighted switch located inside (close to Electrical panel) and range in lengths from 20’ to 250’. Each estimate will be based upon cable lengths needed, materials needed and also location of available electricity to operate heating cables properly.

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