For years we have been offering energy saving lighting upgrades to the commercial/ industrial community.  While lighting offers a great savings, you may be surprised to learn how much your facility is leaving on the table with inefficient heating and cooling systems.  We work in conjunction with WE Energies and Focus on Energy to pass on major savings to customers who do follow through on replacing old, energy consuming equipment with new and improved energy saving equipment that is equal to and even better output than the existing equipment.  The rebate amount can be sent directly to the owner or business, therefore reducing the total price of the job.  One can check on Focus on Energy website to see all of the possible rebates available to them.  Qualifying energy-efficient projects available to a customer are air conditioner, chillers, water heaters, energy-star appliances, insulation, boilers and furnaces.

Lighting upgrades include changing household light bulbs to new CFL bulbs, changing out old fixtures to new Energy Star rated light fixtures, and changing out old switches to new dimmers, to control existing lights.  In office applications, we change from old T12, 4’ fluorescent linear fixtures to new T8 Electronic fluorescent fixtures located in drop ceilings, from 1 lamp to 4 lamp configurations.  In commercial/industrial applications, upgrades include changing out old HID (High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide) High Bay fixtures to new Electronic Fluorescent High Bay fixtures, changing old T12 Fluorescent fixtures to new T8 Fluorescent in the office and shop lights (4’ and 8’), and also replacing old EXIT lights to new EXIT LED fixtures.

We also install occupancy controls for lights and other devices, LED fixtures, induction lights, time clocks, photo eye control, parking lot pole lights and sign lighting.

Please contact us for an estimate and let us make out a proposal to show you the cost and savings between your old and the new light systems.  We will provide a detailed proposal showing your current energy usage with the old light fixtures and a future energy usage with the new light fixtures, showing the savings between the two systems and to the end user.  We will show you the total purchase price of the new system including labor, then show you the rebate available from Focus on Energy/ WE Energies once the project is complete.

The average savings per fixture when you replace a 400 Watt HID with a HP High Bay fixture is $100 per year, along with significant environmental benefits.  By installing the new High Performance lighting fixtures, you reduce your operating costs, increase productivity with increased light output and improve safety around the workplace.  High Performance lighting is the new future of replacing the old HID lighting.  Replace your outdated and energy consuming lighting fixtures and find out the difference in light output and your energy bill showing your savings.

Table comparing old lighting to new lighting and the savings available:

Existing Light

Existing Watts

New Fixture

New Watts


250 W HID

290 W

4 Lamp HP

147 W

143 W

400 W HID

455 W

6 Lamp HP

224 W

231 W

F40 T12 2 Lamp

72 W

2 Lamp LP T8

48 W

24 W

F40 T12 4 Lamp

144 W

4 Lamp LP T8

97 W

47 W

F96 T12 2 Lamp

135 W

4 Lamp LP T8

99 W

36 W

F96 T12 HO

230 W

4 Lamp HP T8

111 W

119 W

Incand. Exit

40 W

LED Exit

2.8 W

37.2 W

Flour. Exit

20 W

LED Exit

2.8 W

17.2 W

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